We've been waiting for the release of hardcore turn-based World War II strategy game Panzer Tactics DS for 12 months now, so the first in a promised series of four 'Producer in a Box' videos seems to mark the beginning of the end of our fevered anticipation.

Voiced by the sultry tones of project manager Johanna Schober, the video covers the basics of the game, which consists of German Wehrmacht, Red Army and Allies campaigns. Each is made up of ten missions, which can be unlocked and played as individual scenarios.

Other gameplay features explained include the Fame points provided when you successfully attack, hold cities and airfield locations, and eliminate enemy officers. These points act as the in-game currency and enable you to buy new armaments and officers.

Check out the video below:

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Further videos in the series will cover the abilities of officers (who can be used to raise your troops' morale), special units and the fully featured multiplayer modes, such as hotseat, ad-hoc LAN and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games. Panzer Tactics DS is due to be released at some point in October.

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