Codemasters has signed a deal with Templar Publishing to produce games based on its multi-million selling, fantasy encyclopaedic Ology books.

The deal encompasses the first three tomes in the series (Dragonology, Wizardology and Pirateology), with the former set to become the first game released on DS during the second half of 2008.

While we know more about Harry Potter and His Dark Materials than your average nine-year-old, Ology seems to have passed us by, despite it having sold 14 million books worldwide. If you're in the same boat, try nipping over to the official website to get talked through it all by an unsettling young Derren Brown lookalike.

Codemasters says Dragonology on DS will embrace explorative gameplay in the form of an interactive book. Certainly, that format should suit the DS touchscreen, as proven by graphic novel style game, Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

The publisher's senior vice president of Brand, Barry Jafrato, says of the signing: "With each title based on a popular fantasy theme and delivering a truly content-rich read, Dragonology, Wizardology and Pirateology are major entertainment properties that form a perfect base on which to build original and creative gaming experiences."

Could this be the next big thing to follow Sega's guaranteed hit Christmas release, The Golden Compass? We'll keep you updated on any new Dragonology info Codemasters fires our way.