If we're honest, we don't have an in-depth knowledge of Polish fantasy novels. If we're even more honest, we're hardly experts on the genre's UK authors, either.

We should read more.

Anyway, The Witcher is a PC role-playing game based on a world apparently full of political intrigue, created by Polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski, and it's getting a spin-off mobile game, developed by Breakpoint and distributed in western Europe by Hands-On Mobile.

You play the titular Witcher and your job is to slay monsters. The action-adventure game has 12 levels spread across four environments, seven kinds of enemy to hack 'n' slash, plus four bosses to battle.

Along the way, you'll have to find herbs and turn them into potions, while also deciding between the way of the sword and the way of the magic (we'd pick the magic sword if we could, yes).

The game will have Story, Replay and Arena modes to play, and there'll be an online high-score table to check how you stack up against other players.