Stupidly popular TV quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire has already graced several consoles (including mobile and PSP), with a variety of success and some scary robot-like depictions of Chris Tarrant's smug face.

Now Ubisoft has announced it has the licence to bring the game to DS, announcing the title will be released as early as November 2nd.

The obvious advantage to playing the quiz game on DS compared to other versions is going to be the touchscreen, which should make selecting answers easier and even lend itself well to the 'fastest finger' first round. It's a relative improvement, most likely, but a welcome one nonetheless.

The game also promises to feature 'real' on-screen friends to phone for help and over 1000 original questions covering everything from music and TV to sports and general knowledge. And yes, Chris Tarrant has been filmed specifically for the game so expect his likeness and voice – lucky us.

Ubisoft's snapping up of the WWTBAM licence fits with its recent strategy of making DS games for the casual market. Just take a look at its latest line-up, featuring the likes of My Pet Hotel, Fashion Designer and Happy Cooking.

Hopefully, this should at least have a bit more of a wide ranging appeal. After all, who can resist a quiz game at Christmas, especially one that won't confuse older members of your family by requiring them to grasp a Sixaxis controller?

There's no need to phone a friend to find out more info – simply click 'Track It!' below to stay informed on the quiz classic.