When US media giant Warner Bros bought a ten per cent stake in SCi/Eidos at the end of 2006, in addition to a pile of cash (£44.4 million), the UK publisher also got its hands on a bunch of licences such as Batman, Looney Tunes and some from that 1960s cartoon hit-factory Hanna-Barbera.

There's no news yet on Batman, but Danish developer Deadline Games has just announced it's signed a ten-game, three-year deal to exploit the Hanna-Barbera properties, across a variety of platforms, which is sure to include plenty of DS games and perhaps even a couple of PSP titles.

The ironic thing is that Deadline's reputation has been built on rather less wholesome experiences, with Tex-Mex shoot-'em-up Chili Con Carnage (and its predecessor, the console title Total Overdose) characterised by bullet-happy stories of Latino revenge.

And let's not forget the developer's logo is a grinning skull.

Still, we're sure it's flexible enough to turn its hand to the likes of The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. If nothing else, there's plenty of brutality in Tom and Jerry, although personally, we can't wait for a Top Cat revival.