Normally, news of yet another mobile doggy game wouldn't be worth exciting about. There are lots available, including some cracking ones, and short of signing an official Nintendogs licence, it's hard to see how any publisher can freshen up the genre.

Living Mobile wouldn't agree, though: it's got parent company Disney's brands to fall back on. And so, it's taken the eminently sensible step of developing a dog game featuring Pluto, with a cameo appearance from Mickey Mouse thrown in for good measure.

There are actually four dogs to care for in Disney Dogs. Besides Pluto, you have his playmates Butch, Fifi and Dinah. You don't just act as these dogs' owner, either: the twist is that you can take control of them directly.

The game features nine mini-games to play, in 19 variations (we're not quite sure what that means, mind – perhaps different locations).

We weren't keen at all on Living Mobile's first virtual dog game, My Little Dogs, but with Disney Dogs sure to find a big audience of young mobile gamers, hopefully it's a league apart quality-wise. Click 'Track It!' to find out when we review the game.

Oh, and we'd like a Disney Ducks game next, please, Living Mobile. If only so we can see just how cruelly we can treat Huey, Dewey and Louie…