One of this year's big mobile trends is publishers' desire to sex up their mobile games, usually by putting in a bunch of women in bikinis and then tacking 'Sexy' onto the name of the game. Sexy Pool, Sexy Poker, Sexy Pillowfight... you get the idea.

Digital Chocolate hasn't done that (yet – we await Sexy Pyramid Bloxx with trepidation). But it has snuck out a raunchy version of its Night Club Empire and Rock City Empire management games on the sly.

It's called Strip Club Manager, and we only found it when browsing Jamster to see what new games it had available. It looks pretty similar to its two predecessors, with isometric visuals and lots of, well, strippers.

And the gameplay? We'll let the official description speak for itself: "Manage the hottest strip clubs in town and watch girls strip down to barely anything! Hire dancers, host a Wet T-Shirt contest and unlock upgrades to satisfy customers!"

Heaven knows what those upgrades are. Anyway, the game is on sale here, but with many operators now running Adult categories on their games portals, we wouldn't be surprised to see Strip Club Manager pop up there, too.