Those of you with keen memories and/or a LEGO fetish may remember a game we wrote about back in January, called Lego Bionicle Arena. Developed by Kiloo, the creator described it as "a modern-day Mario Kart with a metallic edge", and promised a summer release.

Well, summer's here (you can tell because half of England is underwater, and it's hailing golf balls), and so is Kiloo's game. Except in the intervening months, it's had a name change to Lego Bionicle Challenge, and has acquired a publisher in the shape of Disney-owned Living Mobile.

More details on the gameplay: it's a flying racer rather than driving, and you get to play three Bionicle heroes – Kualus, Nuparu or Matau – each with their own abilities. There are 15 levels to fly through, and you're kitted out with guns and energy balls to mess with your opponents.

Lego Bionicle Challenge is out later this month, so click 'Track It!' to stay informed. Meanwhile, we're cheekily wondering if this could just be the start of the Disney / LEGO crossover...