We've never trusted cockroaches. It's the look in their beady little eyes. That, and the fact that we've ruined many a pair of brogues trying to stamp on them. The little buggers.

Of course, footwear would be the least of our concerns if a race of giant alien insects – roaches or otherwise – tried to take over the world. And that's the scenario in Starship Troopers – Roughnecks, the latest mobile game from Ojom.

Based on the sci-fi classic, it sees you representing humanity in a war against the giant bugs. Your mission? To blast the bejaysus out of them with a bloody great assault rifle, of course. If only Rentokil took this approach.

The game is an adrenalised shoot 'em up that sees you fighting through hordes of insects, while picking up ammunition and medical supplies along the way.

Ojom reckons it'll bring back memories of classic shooters on the Amiga and SNES. Starship Troopers – Roughnecks is due out later this month.