Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is planning to move into mobile games, according to the new issue of Mobile Entertainment magazine.

What does that mean? Potentially a bunch of its first-party PS2 and PS3 games getting mobile conversions – the mag cites This Is Football, The Getaway and Primal as three examples, along with the frankly less-likely SingStar and EyeToy brands.

SCEE has apparently appointed former THQ Wireless executive Balbir Blugan as its head of mobile business development, to figure out how it should move into mobile.

It's possible that SCEE will develop and publish its own games, although the examples of Codemasters, Konami and Sega hint that partnering with a mobile publisher may be an easier way in, at least in the short-term.

It feels like only weeks since we were speculating on whether Sony Ericsson would launch a PlayStation phone (mainly because it is a few weeks), and while SCEE's mobile move isn't quite that, it does show how seriously console firms are taking the mobile market – and also that Sony clearly thinks mobile versions of its top titles won't negatively affect sales on PSP.