Obviously, Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in last year's World Cup final was a disgrace. An outrage. A stain on the Beautiful Game. And so on. But didn't you sneakily admire him for it? There. We've said it.

Gameloft clearly agrees, as it's used Zidane's moment of madness as inspiration for one of the 32 mini-games in its new release, Football Party. Others include bicycle kicks, ball-juggling, free kicks, Mexican waves and trophy-lifting.

The idea is you only get three seconds and a one-word instruction before each mini-game, to figure out what to do. In that sense, it's a football-themed version of Gameloft's Ibiza Beach Party, which came out earlier this year.

Of course, if you own a DS or Wii, you'll also recognise earlier inspiration from Nintendo's Wario Ware games.

Anyway, Gameloft says Football Party will offer depth via three game modes and six difficulty levels. The game is out now on some operator portals, just in time for the climax of the footy season.