There aren't enough mobile games featuring parachuting carrots, lolly-spitting lemons, Rambo-esque tomatoes and, erm, clowns. By which we mean there aren't any.

Well, there weren't. Tommy Gun is apparently based on a 1996 game for the Amiga computer. We don't remember it, but then we did have a fairly chronic Sensible Soccer habit at the time, to the exclusion of all other games.

Anyway, the new mobile version of Tommy Gun is being developed by Mobile Amusements, and has you playing Tommy, a tomato who's packing all manner of explosive weaponry. Your mission: to fight through three levels of side-scrolling baddies in order to beat an evil boss clown. It's like a nightmare trip to McDonald's, in other words.

Besides the weird and wonderful characters in that first paragraph, you'll also meet pirate parrots, gun-toting crabs and lobsters, and ghost trains (presumably driven by more comedy animals).

Tommy Gun is out soon – you red it here first! Ho ho.