Everything's becoming a service these days – even your gas company wants to be your friend. And the same tendency is creeping into games, too.

The online modes of Disney's Spectrobes are a classic example. Those who regularly log onto its servers gain points that can be used to download extra content. Nice idea, but it only works, of course, if those promised downloadable goodies really are goodies.

So welcome, Thundora: the first exclusive spectrobe to be made available online.

A Corona-based creature (each spectrobe is either of the Corona, Aurora or Flash elements – it's a paper-scissors-stone type system), Thundora generates lightning energy in its shoulder drums that is then used to attack its enemies.

A similar element within the game is the ability to use physical cards to unlock new creatures. These so-called 'code input cards' can be bought from toy shops , and once you've unlocked the special input ability within the game, you can simply place the creature card over the DS touchscreen and use your stylus to tap the holes in the card in the right order to gain your new spectrobe.

Spectrobes is out now; it's a good game but not great. Check out our full review here.

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