Sunshine without music is like Christmas without snow – the two are intrinsically linked.

And while we can't guarantee the level of UV radiation we can expect this summer, we can at least ensure the musical side of the equation is taken care of. Or rather, Rockstar Leeds can, because the developer has teamed up with renowned producer Timbaland to deliver Beaterator in time for your summer hols.

Beaterator first appeared as a web-based utility on Rockstar's site a couple of years ago (you can get a taste of it here) and its subsequent popularity has prompted the publisher to work on something more substantial.

On PSP, then, Beaterator should emerge as a powerful music mixer with solid beatmaking features. If that sounds a little like serious fun, then it's worth mentioning Rockstar hasn't forgotten Sony handheld's primary function – it promises a collection of addictive original music and rhythm action games, too, as well as challenge modes.

We're keen to find out more, such as the extent of Timbaland's input (original music and built-in sound kit are said to have been exclusively produced for Beaterator) although for now you know as much as we do. But you can click 'Track It!' to be kept informed the moment we post an update.

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