Namco Networks has signed a deal to turn the classic Popeye arcade game into a mobile game.

The plot follows the '80s original, in that you play Popeye, trying to rescue his Size 0 girlfriend Olive Oyl (she was ahead of her time) from the evil Bluto.

It's a simple platformer where you collect hearts, musical notes and letters from the word HELP, while avoiding bouncing skulls and Bluto's angry fists. And naturally, there's the odd can of spinach to muscle you up.

Namco says the mobile game will have new features too, including a new game mode, cameos by other characters from the Popeye cartoons, and some form of network connectivity (presumably high scores).
Popeye is due out this autumn in the US. There's no news yet on whether Namco's European division will also release it.