Since our ">interview last week with Eidos' Ian Livingstone about the forthcoming Pony Friends, a new carousel of relevant screenshots has landed on Pocket Gamer's desk.

And they seem to confirm that the DS is more than equal to the task of cultivating an inviting pastoral backdrop for Pony Friends.

The backgrounds are impressive, peppered with leafy looking trees and bushes, with some sections even supporting reflective water. The ponies are also solid, and don't show the severe looking jagged edges so common in 3D DS games.

It might seem strange that such lavish DS visuals are set to come in the form of a stable-'em-up, but then Pony Friends has a fight on its hands to set itself apart in its virtual pet field (ho ho). Indeed, any developer of a game in this genre needs to work hard to stop accusations of their titles being simply mongrel Nintendogs imitators.

With its trail riding modes and the like, we're satisfied Pony Friends will offer something different. You can't ride on the back of a dog, after all, nor can you give it a pink saddle. Well, not without getting arrested.

We will be taking Pony Friends for a canter as soon as we get our hands on a finished copy – it's out soon. Click 'Track It!' to make sure you don't miss our review.