Enough already with the Breakout clones. Gameloft's Block Breaker Deluxe might have sold like the clappers on mobile, but there's 768 other variants of the classic bat-ball'n'bricks arcade game that have sunk without trace. We don't need any more! Do we?

Under Siege Studio thinks we do, and it's putting its money where its mouth is, in the shape of Ark-Annoyed (like Arkanoid, see?). And to be fair, the design does put a novel twist on the formula.

You still have to hit a ball with a bat, but this time there's only ever one brick on screen at once, with a points counter that ticks down – so the quicker you hit the brick, the more points you score. And then carry on in this vein.

There's a Warp feature to get you out of tight spots where you don't think you're going to hit the brick, and a four-player competition mode to see if you can beat your friends.

Meanwhile, the game works with the RumbleX high-scores community, so you can test your brick-busting abilities against the world.