Have you noticed how there are loads of plumbers knocking about nowadays? It's probably because, well, you can get paid a bloody fortune if you know one end of a wrench from the other. But we'd also like to think the success of Pipemania back in the 1980s had something to do with breeding a new generation of tap-titans.

If you don't remember it, Pipemania saw you connecting bits of pipe up to run water from one end to the other within a time limit – if you failed, you had a flood on your hands.

It's ideally suited for mobile, so the news that THQ Wireless is releasing it for phones in March shouldn't come as a surprise.

This mobile game version will have four different game modes, including the 'Retro' original version, and a 'Random' mode which carries on forever.

And don't worry newbies, there'll be a comprehensive tutorial, and progressive difficulty (i.e. if you can't complete the first few levels, you're rubbish), with unlockable features along the way to keep things interesting.

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