Who said 3D mobile games had to be hardcore? I met up with Digital Chocolate yesterday at 3GSM, and they showed me the latest build of the upcoming Rollercoaster Rush 3D game.

It follows the same basic premise as the original Rollercoaster Rush, so you're still driving a coaster using right to accelerate and left to brake. But now it's 3D, with the camera angle shifting as you go.

The result is still easy to play, but pulling loop the loops and enormous jumps does make you feel a bit sick, thanks to the visuals (to be clear, I think this is A Good Thing, although I wouldn't want to play it if I was feeling a bit peaky).

More importantly, Rollercoaster Rush 3D is a sign that developers don't just see 3D mobile gaming as an excuse to try and squeeze complicated console games onto a phone. Some of those games can be cool – I had a brief look at the Symbian version of Project Gotham Mobile yesterday, which I'm checking out properly later today – but it's good to see that there will be casual 3D games too.

Anyway, the game is due out in the next few months, and if you loved the original, the 3D version looks set to knock your socks off. Click 'Track It!' to follow the ride.