If you were reading last week, you'll already know that previously Japan-only Castlevania release Rondo of Blood is being updated for PSP as a 3D remake that promises to retain the side-scrolling 2D feel of the action – a crucial consideration if the classic Castlevania experience is going to be recreated.

And, as also revealed last week, you'll be able to see how well this is achieved by loading up pixel-perfect conversions of the original 2D Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night games, too – because both will be available as unlocks in The Dracula X Chronicles.

Set in 1972, the game follows dedicated Dracula hunter Richter Belmont as he once again squares up to his ageless nemesis. This time, it's personal – Richter's beloved Annette has been (unwillingly) whisked off her feet by the villainous vampire and it's up to Belmont and his loyal friend, Maria, to save the day. Well, night, to be accurate.

So, playing as either rescuer (each offers varying skills and fighting abilities) and with the legendary Vampire Hunter whip in your hand, expect to battle through more than ten stages as you make your way through treacherous countryside and into Dracula's castle.

Ten stages may sound a little short, but remember there will also be the original games to keep you occupied. And if that's not enough, Konami is to include a feature enabling players to return to previously completed stages in order to compete for high scores or rare items.

Another interesting addition is the ability to unlock music from the new sound collection (the Castlevania series also has something of a reputation when it comes to its aural output), which you can then listen to and assign as you wish in order to create a personal soundtrack.

So, on paper everything is looking particularly promising. And the screenshots look no less appealing – as they should, given that new character designs come courtesy of renowned Castlevania artist, Ayumi Kojima.

All that's left to do is establish whether the game plays as well as it looks; given the expected late 2007 release date, that could be some time away. By clicking 'Track It!' you'll automatically be notified as soon as anything new appears on the site.