If you thought police life was about munching donuts while tweaking the ears of local hoodlums, think again. It's about high-speed car chases, dangerous shoot-outs, helicopter surveillance and... okay, so there may be some donuts too.

Living Mobile's new game puts you behind the wheel of a cop car. The game, which may be renamed London Racer for the UK market, sees you playing Erik, a fresh recruit straight outta Police Academy. (No, not the '80s film.)

Your job is to work your way up the ranks by chasing drunk drivers and traffic offenders, using all manner of gadgets and weapons to bring them to justice. There's up to four different police cars to drive, plus the chance to hop into a helicopter if wheels aren't up to the task.

It sounds like a racing game with police action attached, given that there are 16 'tracks' in the game, and the ability to tune your car with upgrades. Who knew that Pimp My Ride had such a big audience among the law enforcement brigade?

Living Mobile also promises four different game modes, including a story-based career mode, and puddles on the track to keep you on your toes.