Earlier this year, we got very excited about EA Mobile's Orcs & Elves, partly because it was the publisher's first entirely original mobile game, and partly because it was the brainchild of Games Industry Legend John Carmack. He was one of the people behind Doom and Quake, y'know.

Anyway, it came out in the US, but until now there's been no news on a European release. Thankfully, we can reveal that the game will now be on handsets here in February 2007.

The game blends a first-person Doom-style viewpoint, with turn-based gameplay, much like EA Mobile's Doom RPG game did last year. And as you might guess, the setting is distinctly fantasy, with plenty of orcs and, yes, elves to carve up. Oh, and there's a magical talking wand, which always helps.

EA promises over five hours of gameplay, eleven mystical weapons, over 35 enemies to battle, and all manner of traps, treasure and lawyers pointing out that this isn't Lord Of The Rings.

We'll have a review for you nearer the time. But in the meantime, check out our two part interview with Carmack, talking about the game and his ambitions on mobile.

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