Just in time for Christmas, EA has released two more iPod games, which are both available from the iTunes Store for £3.99 today. It's saved us from having to write a grumpy 'Why aren't there any new iPod games?' story before Christmas, at least.

Sudoku is the most interesting of the two. It has five difficulty levels from Easy through to Difficult, and a choice of two game modes: grid mode, or newspaper mode. The latter lets you enter numbers from a sudoku puzzle in your paper and then try to solve it on the iPod.

The game also lets you track stats including number of grids solved, best time, and total time played – all with your songs as the backing track (the Magic Numbers album may be useful).

Meanwhile, Royal Solitaire is a collection of ten solitaire variants, including Klondike, Peaks and Pyramid, but also ones we've never heard of like Scorpion and Beleaguered Castle (if they're actually the most famous forms of solitaire ever created, please do post a comment letting us know how eejit we are).

Like Sudoku, the game keeps track of your vital statistics, and you can use your own tunes as the soundtrack.

We'll have reviews of both before the year is out!