Yesterday we told you how Lumines II is possibly the best game yet on PSP. So today we thought you'd like to play it.

On the game's official site you'll find a playable demo that you can try out from the comfort of your PC. Simply select Game Info (through either the green face on the rotating cube or 01 on the bottom left of the main page) and then click on Lumines II Taster Version on the bottom right hand corner.

Obviously playing this on the PC is a far cry from the brilliant, engrossing experience you'll get on PSP but it should at least give a decent indication of the game mechanic for those that haven't had the pleasure of meeting Lumines yet.

Just imagine it faster, smoother, with far prettier graphics and a better integration with the music.

And then purchase a copy from your favourite game retailer. (Or ours,, which is currently selling Lumines II for just £17.99).