Silent Hill Origins could be the perfect antidote for PSP owners who've over-dosed on sunshine and LocoRoco's feel good vibes this summer.

The first handheld game in the long-running console horror series, Silent Hill Origins looks set to serve up another uniquely disturbing take on 3D action adventuring. And among several new gameplay mechanics being introduced for the PSP version, what publisher Konami is billing as a 'cineractive system' looks key.

The idea is to deliver the hellish cinematic romp as seen in previous Silent Hill games, but to frame it within 'interactive moments', says Konami.

In practice, this boils down to a control system that changes automatically as the situation you're faced with shifts focus. The camera, exploration and fighting controls have all been overhauled for the PSP too � time well-spent, considering control is often one of the console's weak spots.

Unlike with most games, the story is much more than an excuse for action in Silent Hill; it's genuinely involving. In Origins, we'll discover what initially transformed backwater town Silent Hill into terror HQ, and meet several characters new to the series.

The game stars solitary truck driver Travis Grady, who gets stuck in the terrifying and inaccurately-named town while making a delivery. A combination of creepy locals and unwanted memories bubbling back to the surface threaten to overwhelm him, and it's up to you to steer him back to some happier place. Boise, Idaho, maybe.

The final chilling touch will be a soundtrack by series composer Akira Yamaoka, who has a cult following among fans of the series.

"Silent Hill Origins delivers all the terrifying moments, gruesome enemies and memorable characters and story-telling the series is known for to a handheld gaming system", intoned Konami's Hans-Joachim Amann, in we suspect a creepy, unearthly voice.


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