There's a lot of talk about how mobile games appeal to a wider audience than traditional games. In reality though, most of the big money game tie-ins remain of the blood-and-bullets variety.

Those Gallic sorts at Gameloft seem a little more enlightened. Already working on a mobile version of The O.C., Gameloft has now signed an agreement with Touchstone Television to create and distribute mobile games based on ABC's Desperate Housewives drama.

What's more, it's nabbed survivor soap Lost in the deal, too.

"Both Lost and Desperate Housewives have loyal and dedicated fans, and we are excited to be able to bring them more ways to interact and engage with their favourite shows and characters," said Bruce Gersh of ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television, very possibly brushing back a single tear of joy. "We look forward to working together with Gameloft to develop games that capture the defining essence of each show."

We wonder what Mr Gersh could mean? Is he suggesting you'll have to download a gazillion episodes of the Lost game just to find out where the fat bloke Hurley has stashed his Snickers bars? Will you need to line up the love triangles in Desperate Housewives in order to make the characters disappear – under the swimming pool – and move onto the next series?

We'll have to wait to find out – both Lost and Desperate Housewives aren't scheduled for release until 2007.