One day, all N-Gage games will be bought like this.

Well, that's now Nokia's plan anyway. Forget buying boxed N-Gage games (if you can still find them) – the company has just opened its first online game shop that enables you to buy and download games to your PC, and then transfer them to your N-Gage.

And it's hard not to see it as a trial run for its upcoming next generation platform.

A variety of N-Gage games including Pathway to Glory, High Seize, Ashen and Mile High Pinball are already available at the shop, and you can try them before you buy too.

To get yourself some goodies, you simply peruse the online catalogue and download your choice to a PC. Then – and here comes the slightly fiddly part – the game can be installed on your N-Gage game deck via a blank MMC memory card and memory card reader.

The price of games ranges from 19.99 to 29.99 euros per game. You can pay directly using a credit card. Prices of memory cards and memory card readers vary greatly depending on capacity and where you buy them from, but you can expect to pay about a tenner for either.

"As we move forward with our next generation of mobile gaming, we continue to offer N-Gage owners easy ways to get games," said Nokia director Jukka Hosio. "By making these games available for download over the Internet, we're making it easier for N-Gage owners to find and purchase new games."