This week sees the Nokia N-Gage QD version of Cyboid going on sale on developer Bobbee Tec's website. The 3D multiplayer first-person shooter was made available for Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650 and original Nokia N-Gage phones earlier this month.

The game currently costs $11.99 to download from Boobee Tec.

Fans of innovation in games might like to visit the site to see how the company hopes to sell various add-ons for individual download to Cyboid owners.

You can already buy the 'Damage', 'Rush' and 'NanoDoc' power-ups at prices ranging from $0.99 to $1.99, and there's the promise of new enemies, fresh maps and levels, and weapons and ammunition to come.

The game itself is a Quake-style first-person shooter that supports Bluetooth and offers spatial sound and vibration feedback. But we've already been through all that in our earlier news report.