Presumably to ensure the shock of finding some unexpected titles on its stand doesn't cause the hearts of showgoers to stop, publisher EA has announced its E3 line-up ahead of the world's biggest video games exhibition next week.

Let's start with the brand new: NASCAR 07, based on the US stock car racing series, features all-new speed blurring, spark and smoke effects as well as camera shake to convey the intensity of speeding around ovals at 190mph. As far as the racing is concerned, the game's Adrenaline Moments will require you to avoid disastrous wrecks and flying debris, while the new RaceBreaker feature promises to guide you through every treacherous moment of the race.

Expect no such hand-holding in Madden NFL 07, the 17th installment in the hugely popular US football franchise. This version is said to offer more control over the running side of the game than ever before, enabling you to take over as the lead blocker to create a hole and then follow that as the tailback to smash through, overpower or slash away from the opposition. The control system has been revised, with all-new jukes and cutbacks, and even the distinct running styles of favourite quarterbacks has apparently been incorporated.

Given the quality of the previous PSP Madden, things are looking promising for this new version when it touches down in August.

While no amount of X-ray vision will help you find a street date for Superman Returns on any of EA's press releases, you don't really need super powers to assume the game is likely to fly alongside the film's arrival into cinemas this July. Mixing 60 years of DC Comics heritage with the upcoming movie, the game aims to create the 'ultimate open-world superhero experience' as you become The Man of Steel and put his many powers to good use by defeating supervillains.

If saving Metropolis is a little too goody goody, then the rough justice of Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover may be more your thing. You'll already have the lowdown on this from our previous news story, so we'll just add the fact you'll have more than 180 fighting moves as well as 50 new dirty moves at your disposal to beat the shiznit out of more than 40 real-world hip hop artists and rise through the ranks of your crew.

We'll be checking out EA's PSP line-up at the show next week, so expect more details then (and screenshots – you'll note only Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover images are currently available).