Being a games journalist has many perks. There are the hordes of screaming groupies (well, PR people), the private jets (Easyjet counts, doesn't it?) and trips to exotic lands (well, artificially lit halls in Leipzig).

However these pale into insignificance when compared to the real treat – getting a first look at the most exciting upcoming games.

Games like New Super Mario Bros on DS, for instance. Even though it's not out until the end of June, as globe-trotting word-slingers we've already been able to explore some of its eight worlds (including the ace slip-slidy ice domain), as we told you back here.

Jealous? Don't be – Nintendo has given the Italian plumber a brand new dedicated website at which, amongst other things such as the smart wallpapers pictured above, will be offering a new video clip of the impending action every single week. After all, why should hacks get all the fun?

The first video, showing a super size Mario, is up right now and it's already proving so popular that we had to queue for the download.

There's also a slightly less official video here.

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