Much as we love the comfy old pair of slippers feel of retro-style mobile phone games, we'd certainly agree the format could do with an occasional injection of the artistic pizzazz enjoyed by the more graphically mature platforms.

Enter artist Luc Bernard, who is creating his own wholly imagined fantasy world, the Eternity's Child universe, on which he plans to base several console titles, short films and yes, a series of mobile games.

The first of the latter, currently untitled but already signed up by new mobile publisher Alten8, will be a sort of role-playing game set in a magical world populated largely by mechanical beasts, and centred around Angel, an orphan whose wings were clipped off on pain of death at birth.

How that translates into gameplay is anyone's guess; just feel the art!

If the strange creatures pictured above are anything to go by, the world of Eternity's Child could reawaken our jaded pocket gaming eyes faster than you can say "all rather highbrow for a mobile phone game, isn't it?" (Yes, we heard you).

Alten8's Eternity's Child game will initially be released as a Java title, with a Symbian version to follow. No date for launch yet.