There's no doubt that Electronic Arts' FIFA games have been polished and attractive on mobile. The trouble is, they've also been a bit, well, difficult.

If you've ended up throwing your phone across the room after 'doing a Birmingham' (that is, getting tonked 7-0), then you'll know what we mean.

It seems EA has also realised this, however, and it's working to fix it in future versions. Don't take our word for it – listen to EA's new mobile chief Mitch Lasky.

"We think it's too hard to play," Lasky told industry publication Mobile Media. "It's too much of an attempt to replicate the console experience for mobile, and it doesn't work, so we're back to the drawing board for that franchise."

The changes aren't likely to take effect until FIFA 2007 comes out late this year, leaving FIFA World Cup 2006 (pictured above) unaffected.

But with Lasky saying he's a big football fan, we wouldn't bet against dramatic changes in the game. Watch this space…

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