Nintendo has finally announced the UK release date for New Super Mario Bros, one of the DS' biggest games of the year.

30th June is the date for our diaries.

The first game in the multi-million selling Super Mario Bros. franchise for over a decade (the original Super Mario Bros. still holds the record for the highest selling computer game ever, with the Guinness Book of Records reckoning a staggering 40 million copies have been sold), anticipation is already running high.

Pocket Gamer got its paws on the game at the recent Game Developers Conference, and we liked what we found. You can check out our preview here.

All we need now is for Nintendo to confirm when it will be releasing the oh-so-desirable DS Lites in the UK.

What's the betting that a June 30th joint release is in the offing?

Sadly, that will only happen if Nintendo can make a lot more of the little blighters. Sales in Japan are already so strong that Nintendo has had to delay the US launch: it needs all the DS Lites it had planned for America to fulfil domestic demand.

In March it sold 550,000 Lites in Japan, and in April it plans to sell 700,000. Keep those factories working boys.

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