One-thumb mobile games are all the rage, and multiplayer games are pretty cool too. So imagine a game where many people can play a game on a single handset, using one thumb each. Cool, eh? Well, that’s what Swedish developer Jadestone has done with its new title, Kodo. The game involves a bunch of alien life forms – or Kodos. Each player controls their Kodo with a single button on the handset, meaning that you can have as many players as you have buttons. According to Jadestone, this is up to 26 on some handsets, although they reckon that six is the ideal maximum.

The goal is to be the last Kodo standing, although it’s still unclear how the gameplay actually works. All Jadestone has said is that it’s about tactics and timing, and there are many levels. It sounds a bit like Digital Chocolate’s Jumbo Rumble and Sumo Smash games, which were ace. Rest assured, we’ll let you know if Kodo lives up to its promise as soon as we can.