The stunt-driving, puzzle-solving racer is not a particular popular gaming genre, but Sony Online Entertainment seems to think it's one PSP owners might like. Developed by New Zealand studio Sidhe, GripShift promises to provide us with "high-flying stunt driving and puzzle-solving action in an all-out, pedal-to-the-metal driving experience".

What this seems to mean in practice is an arcade-style racing game with plenty of power-ups, multiple routes, short-cuts and loops, while the novel control system will let you complete big air stunts as you hit the jumps scattered throughout the tracks.

These will be set within the usual array of desert, jungle and ice-themed environments, plus a horror selection, with over a 100 levels in total. If that's not enough, the game's track-editor will allow you create your own and share them with your friends using Wi-Fi.

Other bonuses include mini-games such as Penguin Bowling, Bomb Pool and Soccer Crazy. And like the main racing game, all of these are multiplayer-enabled for up to four players using Wi-Fi.