AppNation to launch app incubator thanks to strategic investment by Black Ocean

Looking to pick out talent entrepreneurs

AppNation to launch app incubator thanks to strategic investment by Black Ocean
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With the third AppNation conference set to kick off in San Francisco this week, organisers have announced a strategic partnership that will see the event actively support a portion of attendees.

As a result of an investment by digital specialist Black Ocean, AppNation is to launch an app incubator, picking out the best talent from those at the event and offering to support the development of their titles.

Talent spotters

For Black Ocean's part, the firm – which regularly invests in the tech business – will work with AppNation to spot "talented entrepreneurs and developers" at the event in order to fund, seed and market the most promising apps on offer.

"Our partnership with AppNation will create extraordinary opportunities for entrepreneurs and app developers," said Black Ocean co-founder and CEO Oliver Ripley.

"By bringing Black Ocean's resources and operational expertise to AppNation's rising stars, we will ensure that promising ideas emerge as successful businesses. In the process, we'll build a strong network of companies poised to meet growing consumer demand for mobile content."

Partner play

According to AppNation founder, Drew Ianni, Black Ocean's experience in the industry made the firm the perfect partner.

"As the first conference dedicated entirely to the business of apps, it was important to find a partner that shared our focus and long-term vision," he added.

"Black Ocean's 'collective entrepreneurship' approach – working closely with sector experts to grow successful businesses together – makes them an ideal partner for AppNation and an invaluable resource to our entrepreneurs and developers."

Though the initial identification of talent will take place at AppNation III, the incubator itself isn't due to launch until early 2012.

Developers looking to be considered are advised to submit their apps via AppNation's online form.

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