The best iOS exclusives of 2015 that we need to play on Android

The poor robot feels left out

The best iOS exclusives of 2015 that we need to play on Android
| Alto's Adventure

In 2014, Android had over 80 percent of the market share compared to iOS' puny 14.8, and that's surely set to rise as Android devices continue to grow in quality.

The problem is, iOS is still getting all the best exclusive games.

That's probably due to the vast number of different Android devices on the market creating difficulties for developers. As well as piracy, and a smaller appetite for paid games on Google Play.

Still, we reckon that little extra effort is worth it, and plenty of developers are starting to share that sentiment. Cross-platform launches are becoming ever more common.

Still, here are the top 23 iOS exclusives of 2015 that we're still impatiently waiting for on Android. Plus, info on whether the game will come to Android, where we got a response from the developer.

Alto's Adventure
By Snowman

Alto's Adventure delicately lifted the addictive gameplay of Ski Safari and gave it a Monument Valley makeover to create the ultimate mobile game.

It has some impressive lighting effects and an unrivalled sense of adventure throughout. As a gaming platform, Android is incomplete without Alto's Adventure.

Alto's Adventure has been confirmed for Android and should arrive 'in the next couple of months'.

Planet Quest
By OutOfTheBit Ltd

Planet Quest is the best rhythm game not to be developed by Gaijin Games and it could even give Bit.Trip Runner and its sequel a run for their money.

It's also completely bonkers and features an alien traveling to different planets and abducting random dancers at a fancy dress party.

We reached out to the talented developers who stated that they "are not sure whether it will be ported yet". That's not a no!

AG Drive
By Zorg

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AG Drive is clearly inspired by WipeOut and F-Zero and totally wiped the floor with the competition when it arrived on iOS earlier this year.

It's the definitive mobile space racer and Android feels completely left out without it.

Fearless Fantasy
By tinyBuild LLC

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Okay, so this has already been announced for a summer release on Android but it still totally deserves a place on this list.

Why? Because it's a brilliantly condensed mobile RPG with some of the best tap and swipe combat controls ever seen. That's why.

By TRIADA Studio

Shadowmatic is clever. You're given a set of random floating objects and you have to rotate them or shift their position to create an image of a monkey or something with their shadows.

It's a brilliant idea that totally plays on the idea of shadow puppets and makes it work on iOS. Luckily for us, it's also coming to Android.

A Day In The Woods
By RetroEpic Software

A Day In The Woods is a remake of the classic tile-sliding puzzle which tasks you with getting Little Red Riding Hood safely home to Granny's and avoiding bears, spiders, and the big bad wolf on the way.

The developer is non-committal, but it's looking likely that A Day In The Woods could potentially be headed to Android. We'll keep you posted.

Yet It Moves
By DeNA Co., Ltd.

Yet It Moves is a puzzle platformer in which you have to rotate the world itself in order to avoid obstacles.

It's a concept almost as interesting as its design - just look at those paper cutouts!

Card Crawl
By Arnold Rauers

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Dungeon crawler meets solitaire in Card Crawl, a game in which you have to clear a 'dungeon' made up of 54 cards distributed to you by an ogre in a tavern.

It's all very fantasy. And you can complete a round within three minutes so why wouldn't you want this on your mobile?

An Android version could well be inbound. The Card Crawl developer stated that it has "just finished working on the first content update which will be released next month. After that we will see if we can work on the Android version next."

Legend of Grimrock
By Almost Human
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Legend of Grimrock totally revived the first person dungeon crawling genre by reminding us why we loved it in the first place and bringing it crashing into the 21st century.

Turn-based combat was removed in place of fast-paced and modern action combat and the visuals are stunning. If you're into RPGs, you owe it to yourself to play this and plead desperately for an Android version.

Radiation Island
By Atypical Games

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Radiation Island is a first person survival game in a similar vein to Rust or Day-Z on Steam.

It also has a touch of Fallout about it. You're trapped on an island in an alternate dimension and must survive amongst mutants and zombies with only your wits and crafting abilities.

We reached out and had an interesting response from the dev, who claimed that "Android users don't pay for premium content".

Forgotten Memories
By Psychose Interactive Inc.
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Forgotten Memories is an incredibly good looking third person survival horror that's inspired by oldschool classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Though it might not quite live up to the greats, there's nothing quite like it anywhere else on mobile.

By Rogue Rocket Games

It's fair to say that Incendio likes blowing things up because he spends the entire game doing so.

You set a gunpowder trail to blow up Grimshaw's safes and piggy banks and get at his cash. I suppose it serves him right for leaving them scattered all over the place.

Rogue Rocket Games had a similar response to the Radiation Island dev, and claimed that "The Android market is very tough for premium games, almost impossible for a small outfit like ours with no reasonable marketing strategy available".

Pike and Shot
By Slitherine

Mobile RTS games can be light on the strategy but Slitherine aims to change that.

Though a little on the expensive side, Pike and Shot is an oldschool RTS that provides an accurate simulation of war during the 16th - 17th century. History buffs will no doubt get a kick out of it too.

Slitherine was very firm in its response to an Android version, and said "unfortunately this game will not be ported to Android".

Going into further details, Slitherine was damning of Android as a platform: "I do not know the details but there are technical challenges here, and this platform is not solid enough for us to allocate specific resources to it".

Midnight Star
By Industrial Toys LLC

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Midnight Star is the closest a shooter has ever come to working on mobile and the score-chasing gunplay is a lot of fun for those who enjoy shooting little aliens in the face.

Android is a big enough platform that the very best examples of each genre should be available on it. Midnight Star is one of those games.

And we may well get what we want, though not any time soon.

"We've got a few things on our roadmap to hit prior to deciding on that route, but I'll definitely keep you posted!" stated Industrial Toys.

By Mikengreg
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TouchTone is a puzzler that shines a light on surveillance and the state of privacy post-Snowden.

You'll uncover more of the plot as you solve each puzzle, which work kind of like those mirror reflecting puzzles we've all seen before. It's an interesting concept and one which we'd love to play on Android.

The LEGO Movie Video Game
By Warner Bros.

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The LEGO Movie Video Game could be the best mobile adaptation of a LEGO game yet - not that Android would know.

Out of the main series, Android has only received LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO Star Wars: TCS which is criminal considering the sheer number of LEGO mobile games out there.

Compass Point: West
By Next Games Oy

Think Clash of Clans meets the Wild West and you've pretty much summed up Compass Point: West.

Still, this is an incredibly popular genre and Android cowboy fans will appreciate having Compass Point: West in their line-up.

And it's on its way! Next Games said that the game will be out on Android "towards the end of the summer".

Ultimate General: Gettysburg
By Game Labs LLC

Ultimate General: Gettysburg, is a tactical wargame based around the Battle of Gettysburg.

It's also available on Mac so you can expect the visuals to be top-notch and, considering that the platform has now caught up in that department, there's no reason why it shouldn't arrive on Android.

By Andy Makes

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PARTICLE MACE is reminiscent of Asteroids. However, instead of shooting meteors and spaceships, you're swinging a massive pixel mace into them.

Though it may sound a lot easier, bear in mind that you have no direct control over this mace. You have to use the momentum of your ship to swing it while simultaneously avoiding all obstacles and enemies.

The man responsible for Particle Mace himself spoke to us and said "No plans at the moment, but I haven't ruled it out".

By Crescent Moon Games
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Microgue is a turn-based roguelike puzzler that focuses more on your carefully plotted movements rather than stats and gear.

Think roguelike meets chess, where you have to learn how each opposing peace will move and plan ahead accordingly.

Crescent Moon Games has confirmed that Microgue is headed to Android, though under a different publisher.

By 3 Minute Games

Lifeline… is an interactive story in which you're the only point of contact for a lone survivor who recently crash landed on an alien moon.

It's playable on the Apple Watch and we'd love to see it make the leap onto Android and Android Wear.

And it is! 3 Minute Games has told us that Lifeline... is currently in development for Android. Huzzah!

EvoCreo - A Monster Capture RPG
By Ilmfinity LLC

EvoCreo - A Monster Capture RPG wears it's Pokemon-flavoured inspirations proudly on its sleeve.

It even goes so far as to emulate the style of the original GameBoy versions but hey, people seem to dig it and it's expected to land on Android soon. Hopefully.

Nobody Said It Was Easy
By Joseph Rothenberg

Nobody Said It Was Easy is an aptly-titled tough as nails platformer that should probably be avoided by those that have a tendency to get mad and throw things.

You can't change direction unless you hit a wall and if you even so much as brush a spike you're returned right back to the beginning of the level.

Nobody Said It Was Easy is headed to Android though, as a one-man operation, it may take Joseph Rothenberg some time. When speaking to us, he did say that it's "next on the list".