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AG Drive
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AG Drive could well be the futuristic racer you've been waiting for. It's stupendously slick, ridiculously good looking, and gets almost everything right.

The tilt controls are basically perfect, the progression tree is smart, and some of the tracks have honest-to-god heart-in-mouth drops and twists in them.

There are a few, teeny tiny niggles, but they fail to leave any mark on what is one of the first essential iOS games of 2015.

No-oil slick

The game takes its cues from WipeOut, as you might expect. You're in control of a slick looking anti-grav rocket that's speeding along tracks made of loops, corners, and speed boosts.

The meat of things lies in the career mode, that sees you competing in and unlocking challenges. Some are straight up races, others are speed tests or sprints, or contests where the last racer is eliminated at checkpoints.

The tracks weave their way through sleek skyscrapers, dip through tunnels bordered by neon signs, and twist into orange-hued night skies. Each one is wonderfully put together, and offers the sort of edge-of-the-seat racing the genre demands.

There are no weapons, but that's not a problem. You can upgrade your car with the cash you earn from finishing challenges - and you'll need to in order to compete, the deeper you get into the competition.

There's a breathless, stomach-lurching brilliance to the racing here that has to be experienced. Teetering on the edge of an open-sided track, before bashing your turbo boost and flying vertically along the next section just feels incredible.

Pro grav

The only problems here are a slight lack of variation between the tracks, and the fact that there isn't any multiplayer.

But to be honest AG Drive has so much to offer as it stands it feels a little churlish to complain.

This is a razor fast, brilliant futuristic racer, and you should almost certainly go and buy it right this second.

AG Drive

A brash and brilliant futuristic arcade racer, AG Drive is everything you hoped it would be
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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